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Psychology Patient

Life can be challenging and it takes strength to reach out to get the support
you need. You are not alone. Many issues bring clients to counselling and through having an intuitive listener hear your story, you begin to gain insight and direction for your life.

I have worked with a wide variety of issues and some of these are anxiety, depression, burnout, grief and loss, trauma and childhood trauma, anger management, personal growth and self discovery, self worth, assertiveness training, emotion regulation, separation and divorce transition, shame and guilt, workplace stress, life enrichment, confidence and self esteem.


Relationships can be complicated. When two people meet, fall in love and commit to build a life together, the pathway to a ‘happy everlasting’ rarely comes naturally. It requires hard work, understanding and intentionality.

I help couples come to a greater understanding of each other, identify their pattern of interactions, recognize their emotional needs and gain strategies to navigate conflict. Common challenges I have worked with are recovering from an affair (sexual / emotional), grief and loss, parenting, communication, financial differences, disconnection, time management and work-life balance.

Couples Therapy

Life begins with family and family can take on many different forms. Family life is filled with ongoing transitional stages that encompasses over a lifespan. At any point one of these stages can cause us to experience feeling disconnected, frustrated, lonely and struggling with how to negotiate our needs.

I have helped families come to understand the developmental stage they are in, slowing down their interactions to help better hear what the other is saying and coming to acceptance. This has included a wide variety of stages – parents with teenagers, parents and their young adults, adult children and aging parents.


I believe the relationship between supervisor and supervisee is of utmost important, as like the relationship between therapist and client.


It is my goal to provide a safe and trusting relationship in order to allow supervisees to develop and grow. One of my main focuses is on the
person-of-the-therapist and helping the supervisee to discover greater
self-awareness in their role.

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